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  • Tue - 6PM EST - Enrolling Clients in the DM w/out Sales Calls

  • Wed - 6PM EST - Software Tools: Hands On Training

  • Thu - 6PM EST - Turning Your Offer from a Luxury to a Necessity

  • Fri - 3PM EST- Bonus: Mastermind and Wrap Up


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See What Previous Challengers Had To Say About Their Experience?

Adrienne Blue Tichy

This system can be utilized in almost every industry/profession! I have been looking for a system like this for YEARS!

Shdel M. Harrell

My #1 takeaway is you can still be successful without being pushy, excessively pitching, lying to people about your success... all the things being taught and encouraged by so many today. Build community is truly the way I feel brings people together and is a great way to learn from your peers and even join on JVs. Love it!

Stephanie Bucklin

My takeaway from today's session was learning the power of having a system! I've been haphazardly running my group until now. I'm excited about learning a new system that I can implement to be more effective at selling my coaching services. 🙂

Lori Miller (Loretta Wilkinson)

My #1 biggest takeaway is the genuine nature and structure of VDP. It's about serving not selling. It's about community and building bridges for connection. I felt so aligned with this. I can see myself leading VDP sessions.

Ellen Violette

You made this work with only 100 people in your group. I have 5X that, so I'm excited about this way of marketing. I've been to several VDP's and have been thinking about doing it for a while.

Laura Major

My biggest takeaway from today's training is that you can use your FB group questions to discover what your audience needs from you and whether what you have to offer can help them.

Sunavana Grace

The biggest blessing or take away that I got, from today, was a small piece of Greig Wells' Heart. In a world of online Education Digital-lonely world. it's nice to know people that are REAL & not only have value to give, but truly wanna make a difference for GOOD. Connection is key.

Isatel Dutra

I love connecting with others but have gotten tired of growing only via messenger and want to implement something I love like connecting and serving over Zoom with VDP. Literally an answer to my prayers lately.

Norma Jean

My take away is asking questions and implementing the LAB system to help people. Learning to use FB to improve the community. And learning to draw the right people to me. Leaning to bond immediately. Thank you Greig for this life changing big ticket opportunity.

Mike Harrison

Greig Wells today's training was SPECTACULAR! Today's takeaway for me was that I am definitely an ARTIST and therefore must surround myself with great Managers and Marketers.

Oh... There's More...

Adrienne Blue Tichy

My #1 takeaway is building a Facebook group and having a team of like-minded entrepreneurs to learn LAB. The participation in the VDP sessions help all of us to be connected, to attract clients and make high ticket offers through this VDP Challenge. We can still be successful without being pushy, excessively pitching, lying to people about our success.

Pete Ramsey

After seeing the VDP approach of serving by providing community and a platform, I have to say the light bulb came on. It's much less work that the way I did before. Also getting back to serving and avoiding "pitching" and "selling" is perfect for me and my personality.

I can sell but I prefer bringing attention to the customers' struggles and inspiring them to reach out to me. I thing my closing ratio is 100% when they do.

Elise Retzinger

#1 take way was the Big problem for Big Ticket Offers - connection and addressing the cost of their fear.

Rosey Ware

My #1 takeaway for today was the importance of using VDPs to acquire organic data from potential clients of exactly what they want and need.

Chris Cayer

My biggest takeaway was about culture fits between the group intake and VDP approach to Avatar audiences. The intake part of the VDP FB Group approach gives us a soft slide in to the top of various funnels based on what the prospects truly want in ways that are short, sweet, and extremely valuable for the prospects before we ever lift a finger to help them directly. It's definitely interesting to see how different global cultures need that intake repositioned to accommodate cultural nuances and understandings.

Danilo Alfaro

My top take away from day 2 is to have people tell you exactly what they want help with. What do people really need? Also 1 year of isolation = 2 years of stress! No more guessing - know exactly what your people want.

Kateline Skylark

I had an aha moment once I realized that yes, building an audience first and create the offer after is really working smart :D I'm excited to start using that strategy!

Mischa Bettis

My #1 takeaway from day one is the pure potential, both business and personal, to be a force for Good (God) in the world. Looking at the sheer number of connections I have made over the last day, with genuine, heart-centered entrepreneurs, is astonishing. I have participated in dozens of challenges. I have never had this many people reach out to me to connect before. Amazing!

Norma Jean

Today I learned that I can create an amazing group of like minded women, with less then 500 members. Virtual dinners parties...what an awesome concept. I'm looking forward to learning more. My biggest take away was how I can get my group to answer questions about what they need and then create an offer around that. Brilliant concept. I've heard it before but now with this model. Thank you!

Portia Franklin

I love that you can use groups and software to automate this process! To be able to work, play and enjoy my family through organized automation is huge!

Not Done Yet...

Stephanie Bucklin

Today I got really excited about the potential of running virtual dinner parties. I've added one to my calendar in May and I'm delighted to plan it as a safe space to listen to my potential clients. Love it!

Herlinda Jordan

My biggest take away was the reframing of how big my FB friend list is... it is about quality and not quantity. Learn what your people want and need and serve them.

Terri Sterk

My #1 takeaway is using the VDP automation to build on my existing FB Group to launch a coaching business to serve more group members.

Kevin Gebert

Day 3 take away is a way of looking at the lead magnet/offer terminology. VDP as the 'lead magnet' and the FB group as your 'offer' and continual 'offers'.

Lori Miller

Day 4 takeaway is the massive amount of support the VDP System delivers. If you are ready to start or scale your business, this is unparalleled in what is offered: systems, set-up, follow-up, specialized for you and your business no matter your platform. The time and money this will save is priceless. It allows you as the coach to focus your time on what truly matters.... the client! All while getting leads and creating a profitable business.

Dana Lee Chapman

My #1 takeaway is all of the inspiration from the entrepreneurs who are implementing this at so many different stages in their business and regardless of where they are at, they are able to BOOM from here!

Healing Love-Light

My #1 take away from the yesterday's session was that: the method of organic leads from Facebook, bringing hundreds of targeted FB members forever, with the construction of our Virtual Dinner Party Ecosystem, to sustain the growth of our business.

Swayam Dhawan

My biggest takeaway is to sell something, you do not need to sound salesy and pushy, just help others by your heart, answering objections will automatically drive sales... Thanks Greig Wells :)

Emily Bekaye

Day 3 TAKEAWAY - I am blown away as to the possibilities of growth through the VDP that my business can have! It is truly like being in a Possibilities Candy Shop. ❤

Mike Harrison

My main takeaway is that I've missed some of the details as I built my group. I could have so much more engagement if I would have had this system earlier.

I could go on and on with this but I'd rather see your name in the comments

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